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Tretdeno 1086 -Treknow 2022

Treknow features in the Domesday Survey known then as Tretdeno. It was owned by the monks of St Petroc’s, Bodmin. The name Treknow means ‘the valley place’. In the 14th century it consisted of five households.


Pre 1809 agriculture and quarrying were the main activities. In Lanterdan Quarry slate was being extracted as early as 1305. In 1882 there were sixty cottages in Treknow due to the expansion of the quarries.


In 1893 the Kelly Directory lists three farmers in Treknow and two cornmills in the valley below.

In 1893 the railway arrives at Camelford Station resulting in an influx of visitors drawn by the interest in the Arthurian Legends. By 1905 Treknow had two shops, a Letterbox, and a Sunday School. Large detached and semidetached houses were built to capture the views of the coastline and down the valley. Treknow became a desirable holiday destination.

In 1923 the village hall was built as a Working Mens Club thanks to a generous donation by Mr Glasscock of Custard Powder fame. The small hall was added in the 1980’s with funding from local people which was matched by Mrs Northcroft.


In 1929 the Church of the Holy Family was built by Samuel Symons and George Climo with funds provided by a local lady, Kate Austen, a relative of the novelist. The company of Climo and Son is still based in Treknow providing employment for many local people.

Treknow Village Hall History

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